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Based on O Henry’s sunnier version of Les Misérables, Following Jimmy Valentine pits a detective out of Blue Bloods against a thief like Remington Steele

Following Jimmy Valentine, from Melodic Music.jpg

When his own reflection talks back to him, notorious jewel thief Jimmy Valentine wants to escape his past and go straight,

Pride, by Jeff FlasterJimmy Valentine (Ashton Michael Corey)
00:00 / 03:04

but he's Wanted.

When she shoots a gunman in self-defense, Robbery Detective Jen Price loses confidence in who she is.

The Line, by Jeff FlasterDetective Jen Price (Eve Eaton)
00:00 / 03:35

Price wants to catch Valentine so that she can feel like a hero again. But Valentine isn’t the villain that Price had hoped he’d be.


Have Price and Valentine painted themselves into a corner, or can they rewrite their own scripts?

Demo performers


Director: Lennie Watts

Pianist:   Bobby Peaco

Jimmy Valentine:  Ashton Michael Corey

Detective Jen Price: Eve Eaton

Background Vocals: Grace Fluharty, Eve Eaton, Jeff Flaster

Key Art by Holly Reed of Reed Creative Group

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