Music, Book, and Lyrics by Jeff Flaster




Tortoise adapts Aesop’s timeless fable to the time-starved present. Against the backdrop of feuding computer companies, the hero pursues the heroine while competing against her for the greatest prize in software.




On the evening of the Billy Award for Software Product of the Year, host Melanie Allen introduces the competitors:  Nanogiant, for OfficeWear—The Office You Can Wear, and Tortoise Software, for Shellware—Leave the Office At the Office.  She then brings us back a year to tell the story.


Act I


At Tortoise Software, Ed Stone calms a panicking Chip.  After work, at the restaurant Aesop’s Tables, Ed meets Laura Shore.  Laura leaves him to prepare alone for her upcoming interviews, unaware that one of them is with Ed.  Laura interviews with Nanogiant and Tortoise, choosing Nanogiant.  A brainstorming session at Tortoise produces the idea for Shellware.  Ed waits at Aesop’s to offer Laura a job, but she declines.  Ed challenges Nanogiant’s Jack Harris to a race for the “greatest prize in software.”


Act II


Laura produces OfficeWear 1.0.  Chip presents his design for Shellware. Ed realizes that he’s in love with Laura.  At Nanogiant, amidst a sea of customer surveys, Laura receives faxed congratulations for OfficeWear 1.1 from Ed.  She calls to tell him off.  He asks her out.  She agrees.  Laura produces a half dozen releases of OfficeWear and meets Ed at Aesop’s Tables.  Laura produces OfficeWear 9.9 and begins work on version 10.0, OfficeWear Classic.  Chip produces Shellware 1.0.  Ed demonstrates Shellware to Laura.


Both OfficeWear and Shellware are nominated for the Billy Award.  Laura wins it, but during her acceptance speech, realizes that Ed’s is the better product.  Ed Stone then wins the greatest prize in software—Laura Shore.