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The Secret of Success



The Secret of Success describes a struggle for financial survival between Will, an optimist developing investment software called The Secret of Success, and Peg, the ruthless woman who bets against him.Contrasting approaches lead to the same pot of gold as Will and Peg discover that each needs the other.



Act I


Will Solomon obtains approval to develop The Secret of Success, software that makes investment decisions, from a Board of Directors that secretly hates him.In its maiden run, the software chooses Caulwell Communications.


Peg March of Spider Magazine interviews Jay Caulwell, CEO of Caulwell Communications. Spider is known for ďSpiderís CurseĒ because companies appearing on its cover often fail soon afterwards.Peg decides to profit from the curse by selling Caulwell Communications short.Jay fiddles while his company burns by writing a book about how humble he is.


Act II


Will, pleased that his software has succeeded by telling him the best time to sell his stock in Caulwell Communications, must compromise with his board, who designates him to give an interview to Peg March in the secret hope that he will fall victim to Spiderís Curse.


Peg, interviewing Will for the cover of Spider Magazine, learns that his software has chosen Spider as its next investment.When Peg gets over being flattered, she realizes that Willís choice has put her in a tricky situation.She has already set in motion a plan to profit from Spiderís Curse by selling Willís company short in the expectation that Willís software, and then Willís company, will fall victim to the curse. She now realizes that for Willís software to fail, Willís softwareís choiceóSpider Magazineómust fail too.She therefore leaves Spider and visits Willís board as a freelance reporter, encouraging them to vote on Willís fate.When the vote splits, Will suggests that Peg cast the deciding vote.Feigning reluctance, Peg does so, and liberates Will from the board by letting him go.Will decides to start his own company with his Secret of Success.Peg, tired of profiting from the follies offools, decides to ally herself with a rising star by funding Willís startup.